Self discovery-RVP Program

I cannot say enough good things about the RVP course I took.

For months if not the recent years I’d woken up with that niggling feeling that I’m meant for more. My fab life was just not making me happy.

What’s next?

As my youngest started Grade school meaning he was in school for longer hours, I found myself with lots of free time and no aim. I was online all the time scrolling social media chatting to family and friends back home researching and learning about this and that. I was just feeling unfulfilled. I keep busy with supporting the kids at school, usual home stuff of grocery shopping and social events but it got to a point where the high light of the month was catching up with friends for an evening out. But even that had become scarce as my friends just were turning to home bodies. I’m involved with organizing events for our Expat group from Down Under and that I found exciting. We’d be having meetings with hotel management and head chefs and company CEOs to discuss our event and negotiate terms for sponsorship. I realised how exciting it was to be doing these things. All these events and feelings lead me to come across this amazing Women Empowerment company that were offering a coaching course for entrepreneurs and women like me who needed a push in the right direction.

I watched Wendy Porter’s introduction video which really resonated with me and I interviewed and signed up for the course not long after. For me it was a self examination(mentally) that was just eye opening! Sadly my mom took a turn and got sick so I put the course on hold while I spent time with my mom who then passed away in December. I spent months grieving my beloved mom, in her legacy I returned to complete the course to prove to myself that I could do this.

The course has made me realise my purpose of helping other women be the best they can be. It made me step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. It takes courage to do so which I’ve gathered from surrounding myself with a sisterhood that just lifts each other up. I had such an amazing group of women in my intake alone that were all on a similar path to realizing our true potential in our lives. The women are from all over the world and all walks of live sharing our experiences and support each other. It encouraged positivity and books suggested to read just helped with this positive vibration. I’ve learned so much from the course and hope to get more women to take it for their own self growth. I graduated the course and have joined the blogging, sales, you tube and podcast divisions. It has also got me into launching this blog to get my story out there.

Send me an email or DM on Instagram for further details. It’s been the best investment in myself that I’ve done in years.

Published by @globalpacificwoman

RVP for Crowned For Success a Woman Empowerment Group. I motivate women who are stuck in a rut trying to find their purpose and help them to set goals and a plan to execute them.

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