The SAHM Trap

The Stay At Home Mom Life that is fulfilling for others but a trap for some!

Yes I’ve called it that! I’ve been one for the past many years and it was all very well when our babies were small but as the years pass and the kids get older, I couldn’t justify what I’m doing at home anymore. I wake up to a daily routine of getting kids to school, grocery shopping, beach walks an exercise and yoga class and coffees with friends here and there. I was one to always answer the teacher’s call for volunteers to help in class or field trips. I did enjoy being there for my boys and sharing my knowledge and spending time in class activities knowing it’s great for my kids development. I loved doing it fully aware of how lucky I am to be able to do so.

I am also involved in our Aussie and Kiwi social organisation committee in which we plan events for our members all year long. The highlight being an annual themed ball before Summer. It was always a sold out successful event as around 400 members and friends attend. That kept me busy with event planning meetings and venue visits, plus doing the ground work for our ball room decoration and all. We get very busy as the ball date gets closer and it literally feels like I have a full time job. It pays off when the ball goes ahead without a hitch. I really enjoyed organising it too and meeting all kinds of people in the process. And let’s face it I can be the life of the party amongst my friends and family and it was only natural that I joined the group who organizes great parties.

Overall I really was leading a comfortable life…I was and grateful for the life we lead away from our homes…I have nothing to complain about. We travelled so I’d get busy researching where we’d visit and all. But something was missing. There came the day when I started questioning what I was really doing with my life! Friends would say but it’s a pretty nice life or I was so lucky making me feel a bit guilty! But most of my friends were the same. However it didn’t stop the sleepless nights feeling like this can’t be it. I need to do more so my boys can see me as more than just a SAHM with all due respect to those who love that role.

Turning Point

I read a lot online to try and find out what I was after. Then I started following women empowerment pages on Instagram which spoke to my feminist side. It reawakened the badass woman in me and then one day I answered a call for RVPs for an online Woman Empowerment Coaching Company. I was so excited as I had to do a lot of soul searching and found my calling in the course. I’m now on a mission to motivate and empower other women like me who may be stuck in the SAHM trap and looking for a way forward or out of the rut. I call it a rut because there’s also the self doubt that can hold one back. I questioned my ability to step out of my comfort zone and whether I could do it. I’m glad I did it and I’m ok out of my comfort zone putting myself out there.

If you’re a SAHM who is looking for more. Don’t stop searching, read motivational and mindset growth books and take a course that will awaken the badass woman you once were. Surround yourself with women who want to do more online or make new friends. Reach out and I can answer any questions you have.

Published by @globalpacificwoman

RVP for Crowned For Success a Woman Empowerment Group. I motivate women who are stuck in a rut trying to find their purpose and help them to set goals and a plan to execute them.

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