Boss Babe Feature: Ms Liana Nio

Head of Marketing at Cyclance Inc. in APAC

Liana NIO

Last Sunday I sat down with Ms Liana Nio who’s Head of Marketing at Cyclance Inc in APAC for a chat on my Instagram IGTV Platform. Liana is Tongan born and moved to Australia at a young age with her family. She’s married to her Samoan/Australian husband Justin Nio for 15 yers and mum to three boys, Isaac, Lucas and Noah. Her strong Tongan mother raised her to be a strong woman to not be afraid of anything.


Liana spoke about being introduced at a young age in her career to marketing where they flew on private jets for their boss for marketing assignments. She said this opened her eyes to the high life and she decided then that she was going to do well in life to always enjoy the finer things. She also mentioned how she was made redundant at an earlier job which that she then made the conscious decision that she had to make sure she was never in that position again. From then on she worked hard and knew early that marketing was her calling.

Dealing with a male dominated team.

When asked how she deals with a male dominated workforce, she said, she puts in the extra work to research so when she enters the meeting, she is prepared and adds value to the conversation. A lot of the time she noticed that her colleagues just talked while she observed, but when she spoke, her boss then picks up her ideas as they stood out in the “noise.”


Liana’s tips for other aspiring career women is to always add value to your work. Liana encourages other women to keep learning to increase your knowledge in your field so you’re ahead of your colleagues in the know and also value. She also admitted that she likes a challenge in her work and when she doesn’t find it challenging anymore then she feels it’s time to move on to another job that challenges her and that she can add value to.

Watch our interview on the Channel below and follow my Instagram page a leave a comment. Thank you again Liana for sharing your story.

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