Enjoying life in the pandemic!

Just as we all took a collective sigh of relief when our lockdown rules relaxed, the government decided that to avoid the high spread of covid during Eid holidays a curfew was implemented for 3 weeks from 7pm-6am. This came and went and after that the public beaches, hotels and pools were reopened much to everyone’s relief.

Moving Forward

After months of being stuck indoors I decided to do more outdoorsy stuff. So we’ve been visiting the beaches all around us a lot. We also starting hiking up the local hills nearby with hiking tracks and it’s been amazing for my mental state and for my kids wellbeing.


The instability of jobs has been stressful for everyone. As more and more of our friends are being let go and the fact we’re next in line… I had enough of overthinking what may or may not happen and decided to LIVE life instead. So I’m enjoying hiking, walking, boating with friends, swimming in the beautiful beaches and just making the most of what’s available to us. It works wonders to just go out and enjoy nature than being cooped up indoors feeling dragged down by the lengthy lockdown. So if you can, get out and enjoy some sun and laughter with your close friends.


Bless our friends with a boat we’ve been getting joining them on excursions to nearby islands enjoying snorkelling, swimming and just enjoying close friends’ company. It’s been just amazing. We tried to find where the whale sharks were but no such luck but we saw turtles, sea snakes, crown of thorns. The kids enjoyed climbing rocks to jump off, finding caves and just swimming around the boat and in the deep.


They announced a public holiday 2 days ago so we packed up and went camping at a secluded beach nearby. We got a ride from a local fisherman who dropped us off and picked us up the next day. We had the beach to ourselves par one other group of 4 people who kept their distance once the daytrippers left. It was just a magical night. After we set up camp we enjoyed swimming with the kids, jumping off the low cliffs and playing on the beach. Easy dinner of packed roast chicken sandwiches, the adults enjoyed a beverage or two while the kids had fun night swimming under the moonlight, roasting marshmallows and late bedtime was all a treat. Thanks to the big moon I couldn’t sleep much but enjoyed watching the night sky listening to the ocean and was up early to watch the sun come up over the cliffs. It was just what I needed from nature this week. And I’m so hyped to go out camping again soon.

Making the most of it

Enough blues and try to get out and make the most of what’s available to you. We’re so lucky to have easy hiking trails nearby and beautiful public beaches and the lot. If we open our eyes there’s so much out these to enjoy and get our minds off the stress of the pandemic. I’m also very grateful for good friends whom we get to do all this with and whom we get to go on their boats, swim in their pools and whom would come camping with us at the drop of a hat.

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