Life changes

So a lot has happened since my last post in the midst of Covid! Redundancies ended our expat journey and we moved to New Zealand and settled here. We’ve reconnected with our families and friends of old. We found a place to live and made new friends and connections as well. We focussed on our children’s smooth transition into a new country and just surrounded them with love and support. We bought a business which my husband runs, a pivot from the flying career that he had. I found myself and job and restarted the 9-5 life. It’s been quite a journey for all of us but one I would not change for anything. Everything happens for a reason, and our being closer to loved ones and immersing ourselves in our culture and aiga has been fulfilling and just the welcome change that I was craving. I’m grateful to our loved ones for their unwavering support throughout and do appreciate how fortunate we are.

Change is huge, change is scary but when it’s something that you need to do, the mindset you take on affects how that change plays out.

Published by @globalpacificwoman

RVP for Crowned For Success a Woman Empowerment Group. I motivate women who are stuck in a rut trying to find their purpose and help them to set goals and a plan to execute them.

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